My Story

It is possible to have an amazing and fulfilling life after years of abuse and exploitation. I can attest to this firsthand, as I am currently living my best life, despite my dark past. And you can too.

I proudly hold the title of an award-winning advocate, a best-selling author, an entrepreneur, a former model and fashion designer, and most importantly, a loving mom and wife.  However, there was a time when I was merely an innocent little girl, confined to a life of abuse and torment behind the facade of a “perfect” home with a white picket fence.

For more than a decade I was sexually, physically, and mentally abused by my adopted parents.  My life took a significant turn when, at the age of 17 and pregnant, I made the daring decision to escape. On a cold winter’s night, I jumped from my bedroom window and ran away from home. That moment marked a fundamental change in the trajectory of my life.

Despite the circumstances, I was determined to not only survive but to thrive. I competed internationally as a model, became a successful entrepreneur, and founded the Miles For Smiles Foundation, an organization dedicated to the support, awareness, and prevention of child abuse. Through Miles For Smiles, I’ve facilitated child abuse awareness and prevention events throughout North America.

Through my healing journey, I’ve gained valuable insights and I am committed to helping others discover that there is hope after abuse. Armed with training in support and prevention strategies, it is a privilege to share my knowledge within the community and provide support to fellow survivors.


In my bestselling memoir, White Picket Monsters, I share my story of growing up in a house of horrors – a house brimming with shocking family secrets of manipulation, sexual exploitation, and extreme physical and mental violence.

Through my journey, I’ve realized that silence does not resolve the issue. It allows it to fester and erode our self-worth while protecting the perpetrator.  I hope my story can spark a source of inspiration for other survivors, urging them to discover the inner strength needed to speak out and share their own experiences. This is not your fault. You are worthy.

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