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Audience Testimonials

Community Impact

Bev’s impact on the community has been nothing short of phenomenal. Her quiet disposition and captivating story of real life, leaves her audience with a much better understanding of the dynamics of abuse. Bev’s credibility is enhanced exponentially as she speaks from experience, not a notebook or second hand knowledge. Her experience is riveting and powerful.”

Connie Pike

Police Inspector (Retired)


Lasting Impact

“As a speaker at our provincial conference, Bev left the audience in awe of her resilience, courage, and
strength. Bev’s message made a lasting impact on many of our Foster Parents and Social Workers in
attendance: an impact that changed how some of them now do their work.”

Diane Molloy

Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Foster Families Association


Face of Resilience

“Bev has inspired me to be the best social worker I can be in working with children and youth who have encountered maltreatment and believing that with the right intervention and support, that they can be as resilient as her.”


Social Worker

Unforgettable Message

“I expected to hear the voice of pain and despair, however, it was a message of courage and resilience. The words on the page of her best-selling book came alive: they had eyes, a heart, and a voice. A voice
with a message that is unforgettable. She gave me strength… and yes, even hope.”

George Sheppard

High School Educator/Principal

4 Reasons to Book Bev


“Because of Bev, I was able to disclose my abuse. She has given me the strength to heal. Strength to move forward every day.”

Tracey Penney


“Few people leave an indelible footprint in this difficult world. Bev Moore Davis already has.”



“I am encouraged and comforted by the fact that she has become not only a survivor but also an activist and an advocate for victims of child abuse within and outside Canada.”

Zainab Jerrett


“Bev is such a pillar of strength in the community and we owe her a debt of gratitude for being the one to be out there and getting these things noticed and addressed.”

Bobby Lewis

While delivering a message of hope, Bev’s presentation brings inspiration and motivation.

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